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July 14, 2012
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Comic-Con: Day 2

Sat Jul 14, 2012, 1:57 AM by Heidi:iconheidi:
Comic-Con Day 2 was all about cosplay, fandom, and art, art, art!  

Before we get into the thick of things, we didn’t have a photo of our huge plasma screens hanging from the convention ceiling to share in our Day 1 recap, so we vowed to get that to you today!  The 11 foot wide screens stream amazing works of art from Artists' Alley participants to the whole convention floor!    

In Comic-Cons past, the foot traffic In Artists’ Alley got busier and busier as the week progressed, and this year is no exception. There’s something magical about speaking one-on-one with a deviant, learning their experiences, hearing how they started as an artist, and how far they’ve come. It’s an emotional connection to make with someone who was practically a stranger a few moments ago -- and then you realize you’re not really strangers when you’re part of such a welcoming community. We all start somewhere, learn and grow along the way, and then challenge ourselves to be better and meet new goals.

EDWARDJCHUA draws Batman as a squirrel, as requested by Ayame-Kenoshi!

A steampunk-rock deviant named ducky-overlord, a member of deviantART for over 9 years, came to our booth today with exciting news to share. Not only was she thrilled to be at the convention and meeting fellow deviants, but she received her first ever Daily Deviation today! And it's no wonder she did. This steampunk-inspired mask is incredible!

Today’s deviantART-related panel was hosted by our very own Josh Wattles, aka makepictures, who spoke to a rapt crowd on the topic of fan art law and copyright. It was sure to be a popular subject, because not only was the crowd comprised of those who love and create fan art, but also artists who create original works who wanted to learn to keep their intellectual property protected. Josh won over both sides with a Fan Art Copyright 101, seamlessly integrating basic definitions with explanations of the trickier facets of the law, peppered with humorous case studies involving Darth Maul, Harry Potter fan fiction, and bronies.

Josh's presentation featured a piece by  kozispoon, who drew Josh in the style of a My Little Pony.

The panel included an expert -- technically, he was a composite of artists who walk the fine line of producing fan art pre-professionally -- who, through the miracle of voice modulation to keep his identity a secret, spoke about his experience working for the comic industry while still being a fan art fanatic.

The mysterious guest.

Because deviantART staff know how to play while they work, megturney spent her day conducting interviews with Artists' Alley participants, all while cosplaying as Superhero Mulan. We were lucky enough to sit down for a moment with AlexGarner, who only had a bit of time to spare before running off to finish a cover for a new DC comic. Work hard, play hard!

megturney keeps AlexGarner on the topic of DC, so he can brainstorm as he interviews.

The cosplaying didn’t end with Superhero Mulan.  megturney also organized her Superhero Disney Princess pals and anyone they could katamari over with them. See how many characters you can name!

In the midst of the whirlwind action of panels, interviews, and cosplaying, deviantART’s booth in the alley continued to be a popular spot for artists to sit down and create after all the inspiration they’d seen on the convention floor...which in turn inspired onlookers to wait for their turn to create, and it was basically one giant ball of creativity and awesomeness.

greenestreet poses behind his clever Avengers/Justice League crossover.

Comic-Con has certainly influenced hokepalakiko as he draws the Man of Steel.

We know how difficult it may be for people in other countries and even as close as other states to make it to Comic-Con. Even though you may not be able to make it physically, we’re hoping these pictures are the next best thing. And if the inspiration you’ve seen here has moved you to create a drawing -- in deviantART muro or elsewhere -- post a link to it in the comments, because we’d love to check it out.

Before you go, a little Batman eye candy.  Just because!

That's a wrap for Day 2!

~Heidi and LaurenKitsune

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Comic-Con Day 2 was all about cosplay, fandom, and art, art, art!

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jacketmalaysian Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013
wow i liked it
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Hmmmm, mark my words, this person below ~dinnerhappiness will be putting a signature with some website on it for sales or an affiliate network and posting these innocuous sounding posts all over DA.  Just check out "her" comments all over DA so far.  She's doing it just to get the links out there on DA.  LOL she just hasn't figured out how to do the links yet ;)  "She" came to my attention when she commented in my group and it was one of these comments, and I checked up on "her"
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really nice
AnimeTigger Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2012
Hi! I'm in the Superhero Disney Princess photo, not technically a Disney Princess... just an Anime Princess :mangapunksai:. (on Friday I was Chisame from Negima - a black sleeveless sailor school uniform with black bat wings, a heart wand, red hair and the white Ermine on my head.)
Does anyone know where I can find photos from that photo shoot?
Also, does Josh post his photos anywhere? He took a whole bunch of me with the white Ermine on my head... I'm sure they came out fantastic, I'd love to see them!
Thanks deviantART for making Comic-Con 2012 even better! :love:
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damn i wish comic-con were in my country
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the mask up there is prety awesome, what a great conference!!!!
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is mashima hiro gonna be there cause last time he waas there
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