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Celebrate deviantART's 14th Birthday!

Thu Aug 7, 2014, 12:03 AM

Fourteen years of existence marks a period of growth, change, and introspection — an era of creativity and emotion that leads to long-term personal and artistic development. As we celebrate deviantART's 14th birthday, we want to thank all of you for joining in on the journey of growth and development, from the deviants who have been here from the start to the deviants who are starting out their deviantART experience today.


How has deviantART helped you grow as an individual and/or as an artist? Tell us your story through an art feature Journal!


Visit the Write a Journal Entry page to get started.

Using the deviantART section of the sidebar, search for deviations to include in your Journal.

Click on the art you want to include to add it to your Journal.

Feature five (or more!) works in your Journal, and tell us a bit about why you've chosen each artwork you feature!

Title your Journal My deviantART Story, then post it to the Art Features category.


Comment on this article with a link to your "My deviantART Story" Journal to get the 14th Birthday Profile Page Badge!


As a statement of empowerment and artist prestige, we're pleased to reveal deviantART's official poster for Artists’ Alley at San Diego Comic-Con – designed by the exquisitely talented Artgerm!

DeviantART couldn't be more excited to sponsor Artists' Alley for the fourth year in a row.  Our aim has always been to keep focus on those who not only make the entire convention possible, but provide us with a world of entertainment across all media: the artists.

Go forth and march with your creative brethren!

DeviantART San Diego Comic Con 2014 Poster by Artgerm

Get the poster!

Spread the word!

Arm yourself with the above image.  Plaster the poster on the walls of your bedroom or school, share the image across social media, design mash-ups and remixes to be submitted back online, or make print-outs and start your own local art revolution.  (The image is available for any use, as long as it's non-commercial and in the spirit of deviantART.)

What is art?

In keeping with artist solidarity, we want to hear what art means to you! 
  • Is art what gets you up in the morning?
  • Is it what you live and breathe?
  • Is it a way to connect with friends across the globe?

Leave a comment and finish the sentence, “Art is __________.”

'Add Media' functionality has been enabled for all deviants in this journal.  Feel free to upload your Comic-Con poster-related photos and images!

Free Premium Membership Day!

Mon Apr 7, 2014, 12:02 AM
It's Free Premium Membership Day!
Here's the Deal
You may not have a user symbol, but for 24 hours, your account has been granted most of the privileges of a Premium Member! The day is a piñata that has been burst open and now there's candy everywhere! Grab all we have to offer, and enjoy your delicious treats!
For Today, All Deviants Enjoy:
Browse deviantART to your heart's content without seeing third-party advertisements.
Use Google Analytics to gain valuable insights by accessing comprehensive statistics about your Profile Page and visitor activity!
With the ability to submit multiple deviations and schedule deviations to go live at a later time, you can gain greater control over your content.
Browse through the Installable Journal Skins category to pick your favorite Journal Skins to dress up your text. Here's a free Journal Skin to get you started. (Any Journal published today that includes a Journal Skin will keep its fancy design long after Premium Membership Day is over, unless it's edited.)
View more deviations by turning up your Browse setting to 120 thumbnails per page.
All Premium Members receive 10% off all Prints orders! Use the day to snatch up that Print you've been eyeing for a while. Treat yourself!
There's More!

See a full list of Premium Membership benefits.

See Benefits »

While you're at it, you should check out the exclusive PremiumMembers Group. Not only does this Group keep deviants up-to-date on the latest Premium Membership news, they also host weekly contests and events!

Free Premium Membership Day only lasts from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM Pacific time on April 7, 2014, so, use it while it lasts!

Go Premium »
The Legal Stuff

Please note that Way Back Browsing and Username Changes will not be available as part of this event. The ability to have Prints profits paid in checks will not be extended to those with one-day Premium Memberships on April 7, 2014. We apologize for the inconvenience.

A long time ago (about 24 hours), in a galaxy far, far away (down the road in Hollywood), comedian and television host Chris Hardwick introduced a segment on his late-night Comedy Central show — aptly titled @midnight (get it?) — that got many of us at deviantART all aflutter.

First of all, if you love the Internets and you haven't seen @midnight yet, you're missing out on some serious lulz. A few nights a week, Hardwick invites some comedian pals on the show for some Geek-Centric Improv Comedy. Sort of like a British Quiz Show brought to you by Reddit. Or "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" with slightly less dancing, but an equal amount of thick-rimmed glasses and awkward sexual tension.

In a segment called "Star Weird" on Monday's episode, Hardwick's guests had to choose which of two artistic descriptions was an actual deviation on deviantART. YES, MOM, HE SAID DEVIANTART'S ACTUAL NAME ON TV! MUCH WOW! The comedians were the hilarious Rachel Bloom, Kevin Shinick, and Seth Green, whose "Robot Chicken" series has delved deeper into the "Star Wars" franchise than most Sarlacc pits.

 Watch the clip:

(Unfortunately, Comedy Central videos may not be available in all countries.)

 Let's make art!

Not only are we uber honored by the shout-out, we're confident the deviantART community can create the deviations that were suggested as mere jokes. Let art imitate life!  Well, let fan art imitate comedy!

Artists, we want to see your interpretations of @midnight's fake ideas!  Pop in your "Star Wars" Blu-ray as inspiration and bring to life these joke deviations suggestions!

 Your options:

  • C-3P0 as an oiled-up muscle droid dancing on a Gay Pride float
  • A Jedi in a Mexican poncho named "Obi-Juan Ken-riguez"
  • Seth Green as a sexy slave girl Princess Leia

 Congrats to the featured artists!

R2-TATTOO by CallMePo
R2-TATTOO by CallMePo

Darth Vader Creation by Ticiano
Darth Vader Creation by Ticiano

Morph: Seth Green by dolphinbad
Morph: Seth Green by dolphinbad

 Share the love!

Once you've created your Star Wars-inspired masterpiece, link to your deviation below. Twitter users can also tweet their art to the show using @midnight. You never know, maybe you'll be featured next!

We're proud of the artists who made it onto the show, and want to encourage them and others to keep creating and imagining. Laugh now, but you could upload a fabulous oiled-up C-3P0 as he was meant to be seen, and, next thing you know, you're being offered a job at a comic franchise or video game developer.  Hey, it's happened before!  ;)

We won!

UPDATE: Thanks to the efforts of our amazing community, deviantART won the People's Choice category at the 2014 SXSW Interactive Awards!  We'd like to sincerely thank everyone for participating. The creative energy and inspiration that run through the deviantART community is absolutely awe-inspiring for those of us fortunate enough to be helping out behind the scenes. We truly believe that we are the greatest community in the world, and we work towards sharing that feeling with our deviants each and every day. Thank you for sharing this win with us!

Thanks to the generous efforts of deviants like you, deviantART has been honored as one of the top-five finalists in the People’s Choice category of the 2014 SXSW Interactive Awards!

We couldn't be more humbled to be amongst the other highly acclaimed finalists, but we still need your help!  This year, voting for the People’s Choice category is open to everyone, all over the world.  However, the process is a bit tricky, as it requires voters to cast their final votes live, using a smartphone or tablet app.

(Voting has closed!)

  1. To participate, you’ll need a Apple or Android phone or tablet.
  2. Visit the Apple App Store or Google Play.
  3. Search for and install the “Visual Voting” app.  (It’s free!)
  4. Open the Visual Voting app and choose your method of sign-in (Facebook, Twitter, or anonymous).
  5. Click the "SXSW Interactive People's Choice" pink banner.
  6. Are you attending? Select “No” or “Yes.”
  7. Click on "Cast Your Vote" pink banner.
  8. Select "deviantART" as your People's Choice!

Thank you for your support!

We wouldn't have been considered for this honor if it weren't for the support and passion of deviants like you. By getting the word out, deviantART hopes for the chance to bring you even more cutting-edge technology in the creative realm, reaching more artists than ever before. So, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for all the support you've given us over the years, and stay devious!

Spread the word!

Because the voting window is so tight, we're relying on word-of-mouth to help spread the message. If you're so inclined, please share your deviantART support across your favorite social media platforms, tell your friends, download the app onto your dog's smartphone and vote on his behalf, and help us rock the vote!

Earlier today, danlev pointed me in the direction of Deviant-Hunting a group run by ImportAutumn that highlights exciting and deserving deviations by featuring them in YouTube videos.  Each episode contains an amazing look at artists, regardless of how long they've been on deviantART or how popular they are.  Episode six was just released yesterday, and it's definitely a great watch.

If you're interested in learning more, I recommend following the group or subscribing on YouTube.

In other news, deviantART is one of the few companies honored to be nominated for a SXSW Interactive Award the leading conference and festival celebrating the Web, held each year in Austin, Texas.

Should anyone feel so inclined, we could use your support to win the People's Choice Award, which is based only on the number of votes we get from people like you.  Voting is simple and takes just a couple of clicks no account creation involved.  Vote here and tell others to do the same!

Thanks to all, and happy-almost-March!  ;) 


DeviantART is proud to announce that SketchBook users on iPad and Android tablets now have the ability to create and submit art directly from their devices to deviantART!

Our recent partnership with Autodesk has allowed deviantART to become the first community integrated into SketchBook -- the professional-grade painting app that is easy to use for every artist.  Merging these two powerhouse environments means that tablet users will be able to publish their creations from SketchBook directly to their deviantART accounts.  Deviants will also be able to use the app to browse the inspirational works of other SketchBook artists in the autodesk-sketchbook group.

This is a first step in what will become a much fuller integration that will bring more deviousness to SketchBook and add a powerful creation tool to the arsenals of deviant artists everywhere, as we welcome new SketchBook users into the deviantART community.

DeviantART is the first community integrated into SketchBook Pro and SketchBook Express.

Submit Art To deviantART From SketchBook Apps by danlev Get Inspired By Other SketchBook Artists by danlev
Submit art directly from SketchBook to deviantART or get inspired by browsing art made by other SketchBook artists.  

About SketchBook

Autodesk SketchBook is a family of digital paint and drawing apps with over 23 million users worldwide.  DeviantART is thrilled to welcome SketchBook tablet users who may not yet have a deviantART account into our humble community with an easy sign-up process right within the app.  Autodesk created the autodesk-sketchbook group to act as a hub for up-to-date news and releases and, of course, a beautiful gallery of SketchBook-related deviations to browse.

As mentioned, this integration marks just the first realization of a larger strategic partnership between Autodesk and deviantART.  Future updates will bring this feature to the mobile phone and desktop SketchBook products, and include a deeper interactivity with deviantART, such as commenting and favouriting from directly within the app, as well as even more powerful creative tools.

The SketchBook mobile apps are a great way to take illustration software with you wherever you go.


We want to hear from you!  Do you have ideas for future SketchBook/deviantART integrations?  Your feedback just might be a part of the next update, helping artists around the globe become more connected!

How To Download

To take advantage of these creative tools with a devious spin, simply grab the full SketchBook Pro or free SketchBook Express app on Google Play for Android, or the iTunes App Store for iOS.

SketchBook Pro (Paid)
 Google Play App Store

SketchBook Express (Free)
 App Store


Our first-ever deviantMEET in Las Vegas hit the jackpot!

On Sunday, December 1st, deviants were already lined up outside the doors at 5:00 PM, even though the event wasn't scheduled to start until 5:30!  (A handful of amazingly dedicated super deviants arrived as early as 3:30 PM!)  Far be it for us to wait to get the party started, so we opened the doors a little early, allowing the crowd to rush in.  After signing our guestbook – we know, physical guestbooks are so Web 1.0, but they're great mementos! – our devious artists dispersed to play at the deviantART booth. 

Stocked with six Intuos 5 Wacom tablets to play with, a 24-inch Cintiq, SketchBook Pro for sketching and painting, enough table seating for traditional drawing and portfolio review, and bags upon bags of free swag (including stress balls, deviantART Sharpies, and tons of free stickers), everyone found an awesome and creative way to spend their time.

CAVE deviantMEET Booth by madizzlee

CAVE deviantMEET Goodie Bags by madizzlee

Photo Credit: danlev and Shyree

Over 300 deviants, friends, and family showed up to our booth and got exclusive access to the other booths at Preview Night of the Autodesk CAVE Conference.  One of the most rewarding things about attending deviantMEETs is witnessing a true cross-section of the range of ages, skill levels, and artistic disciplines represented all across deviantART.  Watching everyone mixing and mingling, picking up tricks of the trade and passing along wisdom to others, and settling down for a quiet moment to create and inspire offline as much as they do online is truly something to behold. Sometimes it's easy to forget how much we all have in common, but deviantMEETs showcase our connection right on the forefront!

CAVE deviantMEET Group Shot 4 by madizzlee
Cave deviantMEET by madizzlee CAVE deviantMEET deviant (9) by madizzlee
Cave (14) by makepictures
CAVE deviantMEET (3) by madizzlee

Photo Credit: danlev, Shyree, and makepictures

This was the first deviantMEET staff members can recall where we've had trouble giving away food!  At most deviantMEETs, we provide some kind of snack, like the tasty pizza at our November deviantMEET in Hollywood, and it's gobbled up within minutes!  Las Vegas deviants happen to be really health conscious!  Our deviantART green cupcakes -- Pantone matched, of course! -- were turned away by a good many.  We, less-than-health-conscious staff members, can confirm that they were indeed delicious, as Ben (xraystyle) ate at least four.

CAVE deviantMEET Cupcakes by madizzlee
Photo Credit: danlev and Shyree

On a more serious note, we can't thank the Autodesk CAVE Conference enough for their support and encouragement in allowing us space to house our humble deviantMEET and maybe even bring deviantART to a larger crowd of artists and art enthusiasts via our booth.  For its first year, the CAVE Conference was imagined as a gathering of artists, designers, and storytellers to learn, share, inspire, and challenge each other.  If creativity is your fuel, CAVE was the place to find it. 

Our booth was right near the convention hall's entrance, and along the entrance wall was the CAVE ART Collection, representing a wide variety of content, styles, and subject matter that celebrated imagination.  This year's collection includes artwork created in SketchBook Pro by students, professionals, and aspiring artists from around the world, many of whom were deviants.

Wall of Art by Innocently-Creating

Deviants at CAVE deviantMEET in Las Vegas by madizzlee CAVE deviantMEET Group (12) by madizzlee
Photo Credit: Innocently-Creating, danlev, and Shyree

On Monday, Angelo (spyed) help kicked off the conference by delivering a keynote speech about his experiences in community building and how the lessons he learned supplied the building blocks to the successes of the deviantART.  His experiences seemed to resonate through the audience within, many of them deviants who have gone on to work for professional organizations in all genres of artistic expression.  Truly inspirational.  And he was followed by Neil Gaiman, so, not a bad lineup!

Angelo's Speech at CAVE by madizzlee
Cave (19) by makepictures
Photo Credit: danlev, Shyree, and makepictures

Next, Ron (techgnotic) hosted a presentation about the ever-evolving role of communities as they pertain to artists.  Now, more than ever before, creators are coming to the Internet and deviantART to interact with their fans and inspiration, and often those fans help to shape the focus of the total narrative.  It's an interesting and innovative time to be on either side of the creative community!

Cave (24) by makepictures

Photo Credit: makepictures

All in all, we couldn't be more grateful that we were given the opportunity to engage with our Las Vegas deviants and introduce them -- or reintroduce them -- to the inspirational world of Autodesk.

CAVE deviantMEET Art 2 by madizzlee

CAVE deviantMEET Art 3 by madizzlee CAVE deviantMEET Art by madizzlee
Photo Credit: danlev and Shyree

For additional deviantMEET perspectives, check out a few of the following journals from those who attended!

You never know... we might be coming to your neck of the woods sometime soon, so keep your eye on hq for updates, and stay devious!


Staff attendees: spyed , techgnotic , Heidi, makepictures , xraystyle, danlev, Shyree, jeanpat, LaurenKitsune

There was recently an incident on another website, completely unrelated to, that resulted in account email addresses and passwords for that site being leaked online. While the information was not deviantART-related, your deviantART account may be at risk if you use the same email address and password for multiple sites.

To protect your deviantART account, we strongly suggest that you change your password.

When updating a password, create one that is complex and unique, making it impossible for would-be intruders to identify it, whether by educated guess or calculated attack.

DeviantART strives to provide all our members with a safe and fun environment to grow and create. As part of our ongoing effort to keep your site experience protected, we're proactive when it comes to account security.

deviantART deviantMEET

Posted on October 21, 2013

Join us for a deviantMEET in Hollywood!

DeviantART's headquarters are located in Hollywood, and we're hosting a deviantMEET in our own backyard!

You're Invited!

HDR Hollywood by xraystyle

Come for the speech, stay for the meet!

Whether you've attended previous deviantART events, or you want to make this your first, this deviantMEET promises to be an event unlike any before.  Opening with an exclusive storytelling session, deviantART CEO and Co-Founder, Angelo Sotira (spyed), will share behind-the-scenes stories about deviantART's inception and formative years. Then, stick around for the fun, traditional deviantMEET-type activities – sketching with friends, chatting with staff, and maybe even walking away with a bit of swag.

Map to deviantMEET

WeWork Hollywood

  • Location: 7083 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90028
  • Date & Time: Wednesday, November 20th, 2013 at 7:00 PM
  • Admission: FREE, all-ages event!
  • What to Bring: Laptops/tablets, sketchbooks, cameras

It's a rare opportunity that deviantART's CEO gets to share the vision of the company, where we came from, and where we're headed offline and outside of his Journals.  We wanted to invite local deviants to have some fun with our staff, hear the tales that made us what we are today, and generally recreate the friendships you've made online at this unique offline opportunity.

After Angelo's talk, you can ask staff your burning questions, hang out and create art with supplies you've brought with you, and enjoy some free snacks. We might even have some devious swag to go around.

Feel free to bring your favorite digital tablet, iPad, sketchbooks, notepads, cameras, and laptops if you feel up to it! We can't wait to meet with you!

Two weeks ago, we released two new products – deviant and art Mentions and new username symbols.  Gratefully, and as we'd hoped, many deviants are embracing these changes in exactly the ways we'd anticipated, and the ways we ourselves did over the past several months of testing.  While some deviants embraced the changes, it's fair to say that others have felt surprise, curiosity, and maybe even shock.  These feelings are totally normal, but for the large part, there's a hope present.  A positive outlook.  The first steps in a new era that makes the way for our goals in the future, and, at the same time, removes clutter and confusion that new deviants often experience.

As with any change, there are a handful of deviants that don't understand why we made the choices we did – how we came to the conclusion to change.  They're confused by the newness, scared that they don't recognize the site they love, and they urge us to "change it back."  We understand those worries and share the nostalgia for things past, but this decision was not made lightly.  

From Text to Graphics

The change from text-based symbols to graphical symbols was personally challenging for me for entirely sentimental reasons.  As it was for spyed, who reinstated his $ symbol, back from a temporary + symbol, a week before launch so he could enjoy it just a little longer.  That might sound a bit silly, but those were real feelings, and we completely sympathize with deviants who have had a hard time adjusting to the change.

Let's reminisce.  

In the early days, deviantART's community was obviously much smaller – so much so, that there became a need for the handful of paid staff to differentiate themselves from the active volunteers, who often went above and beyond for the good of the community.  This was for two reasons: one, the sheer level of dedication from the volunteers was so great we wanted to give them a distinction all their own, and two, for better or worse, confusion would abound in the community on the rare occasion a volunteer said something a paid member of staff would not have said.

We eventually implemented the $ symbol to indicate paid staff vs. those generally helping out, and the * and = symbols to denote those with Premium Memberships.  Lastly, the ~ symbol was used to indicate all deviants. The big irony here was we considered having no symbol at all for deviants that didn't fall into the other categories, not thinking too much about it.

There soon grew a need for even more distinctions.  Back in those days, the symbol for a Prints staff member was a % (which we thought was hilarious because resembled a paper rolling through a printer).  Gallery Moderators were given a ^ symbol because their role was to elevate conversation.  Chats, and later the Groups system, were denoted with the # symbol which referred to a "topic" back in the old Internet Relay Chat (IRC) days, and we wanted that to roll over to deviantART, where chats and groups also brought people together under a particular topic. Along those same lines, deviants with an @ symbol were our Chat admins, which also had roots in IRC, where the symbol meant the same thing.  As time progressed, it became necessary to acknowledge deviants who had been around for a long time in meaningful ways, so we began awarding Seniors with the ` symbol to applaud them for their significant contributions to deviantART.

In 2005, and again a few years later, we actually considered making the change from text-based symbols to graphical, but we just couldn't let it go. It was too much a part of our roots, and we weren't ready. But now, eight years later, it was overdue.

Keeping the Lights On

It's a fact that we very much need to thank our Premium Members for their contributions to deviantART.  It's not subjective; we are genuinely in a debt of gratitude to these deviants, and we're honored that we're able to give them extra features and recognitions in exchange for their gift of support.  We've said this before, but it bears repeating and there's no exaggeration.  Premium Memberships on deviantART keep the lights on for all of us. 

Some people might ask, "Well, what about the Prints Program? What about advertising?  DeviantART makes money there too."  The Prints Program is a tool that can be utilized by art appreciators all over the world that gives back to artists in a meaningful way, offering them exposure and high-quality craftsmanship you won't find at other websites.  We thank every person who takes part in it, and we're honored to help each of the artists the program supports.  And advertising does help contribute to keeping our lights on, our staff employed, and our servers running, but when the dot-com bubble burst or when the stock market tanked, there was no ad revenue.  In those times, the reason deviantART survived and so many other sites didn't (because their venture capital imploded) was that deviantART continued to have its vision supported by our deviants.

So, yes, we wanted to thank – and want to continue to thank – the deviants who made all that possible.  If you have a star symbol next to your username, you should be proud, because you're helping keep deviantART on track into the future.  Premium Memberships offer the single purest line of support we have to work with, and we couldn't be more grateful for the contributions of each and every Premium Member.  

(On the topic of the look of new symbols, at their base, they're really not so different from before.  zilla774, from our User Interface team, put together a fantastic journal about the project to redesign and replace username symbols.  I urge you to give it a read.)

Clarity and Gratitude

When we kicked off the process to redesign and replace our username symbols, the project only came about as a way to reduce confusion – it was brought up during examination of our onboarding process for new deviants.  As I said in the New Username Symbols launch article, a common question from new and old deviants alike was: "What do username symbols mean?" Over the years, as we’ve surveyed deviants, we’ve found that very few understand symbols.  It was a roadblock to understanding the full deviantART experience.  We don't want deviants to focus on symbols and meanings.  We want the focus to be about the art.  We aimed to reduce the clutter and static to getting new deviants up and running, adding art to the community, and inspiring others.

We were never trying to put people down with the removal of the ~ symbol for non-Premium deviants.  That's the truth.  

If you're a deviant who hasn't yet achieved the status of the other symbols, you should be proud. You're a member of the greatest art community in the world! There are tons of tools available to all deviants for free, and we have so much more we're able to offer the entire community in development as we speak. Each and every one of you – symbol or not – are to thank for making the community what it is.  

To The Future

We hope even in the short time that has passed, deviants are starting to become accustomed to these symbols, and maybe even growing to prefer them to the old system. I will say we're continuing to make small tweaks here and there (including addressing concerns about internal and external linking) and playing with minute differences in size and appearance in various places on the site. And, as always, we listen to all feedback and suggestions on Journals like this one and anything submitted to hq, so you can keep your feedback coming, and your message will be received.  (Due to sheer volume, we can’t respond to every message, but I promise and assure that everything is read.)

Thank you for continuing on this journey with us. As I mentioned, these new symbols are paving the way to even more amazing things deviantART can do in the future, and we couldn't be happier to share it with all of you.


deviantART deviantMEET

Posted on October 3, 2013

What happens on deviantART doesn't stay on deviantART!

We're heading to Sin City, and we're betting on an amazing time with our deviants!

Join Us in Las Vegas!

Venetian HDR by ~ryecr

Venetian HDR by ~ryecr

Our first ever deviantMEET in Las Vegas!

DeviantART is headed to beautiful Las Vegas for the first time, and we can't wait to add more deviousness to the Entertainment Capital of the World. On Sunday, December 1st, deviants of all ages are invited to join us in taking over the Venetian for a deviantMEET and gaining special, free access to Preview Night of Autodesk CAVE Conference!

Map to deviantMEET

The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino, Sands Expo Hall C

  • Location: 201 Sands Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • Date & Time: Sunday, December 1st, 2013 at 5:30 PM
  • Admission: FREE!
  • What to Bring: Sketchbooks, cameras, tablets, and money for food/drinks!

Connect with deviantART staff, fellow deviants, and recreate your online connections offline with the help of deviantART and Autodesk!

Autodesk has invited deviantART to be a part of their first-ever CAVE event — a dedicated conference for artists, designers, creators, and storytellers. To make it even more interesting, they've offered to give deviants FREE exclusive access to Preview Night of the CAVE Conference.

The deviantART crew will be waiting in the Sands Expo Hall C (at the Venetian) to meet and greet, hand out nametags, and then we'll head to the CAVE Conference floor to take over Preview Night in deviant style!

Feel free to bring with you your favorite digital tablet, sketchbooks, notepads, and cameras. (Since we'll be doing a bit of walking around, however, you might want to leave your laptops at home.) This is an all-ages event!

Autodesk CAVE Conference

The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino, December 1st-3rd

CAVE Conference is a gathering of artists, designers, and storytellers to learn, share, inspire, and challenge each other. Whatever your background — if creativity is your fuel, CAVE is the place to find it. CAVE includes sessions with world-renowned artists and designers including Syd Mead, Neil Gaiman, Lorne Lanning, John Cleese, Scott Robertson, Daniel Simon, deviantART's own Angelo Sotira (spyed) and Ron Martino (techgnotic), and more. For more details about CAVE, visit

With 13,000 new deviants joining deviantART each day, we want to ensure everyone's user experience is seamless. A common question from new and old deviants alike is: "What do username symbols mean?" Over the years, as we’ve surveyed deviants, we’ve found that very few understand symbols.

As part of our ongoing process to make the user experience cleaner and more intuitive, we've launched a new set of username symbols designed to help easily identify deviant-types.

Easily Identifiable

At a glance, the new symbols are quickly recognizable. When hovering over a username symbol, a tooltip appears, providing a brief explanation of that user's deviant-type. If clicked, a modal appears, giving a brief explanation for each username symbol, with "Learn more" links that lead to more detailed explanations.

A word from Heidi:

Over the years, a few things have come to seem like deviantART mainstays. Deviant green, intricate art categorization, colorful avatars, symbols next to usernames. In our constant re-evaluation of what's best for longtime deviants and new users alike, we do sometimes need to stop and ask ourselves if a makeover for some aspect isn't overdue. Changing username symbols was one of the harder things we evaluated.

I've been testing the new symbols for a few months now, and while I love its sleekness, its clear message, I do occasionally find myself missing my old symbol. Symbols have permeated into deviants’ minds, made their way into works of art, and sometimes defined how deviants thought of their front-facing persona on the site. But I can honestly say in good faith, I think this new design will permeate the community just as the original system did. It beautifully aligns with the design direction we’ll be traveling moving forward, and, perhaps best of all, it doesn't require insider knowledge for understanding.

I invite you all to memorialize the old symbols and commemorate their meaning from ages past in any expression that inspires you. But I know these new symbols will usher in a new era with just as much meaning and visual attachment as ever.

Heidi, VP of Marketing

Looking Ahead

We appreciate that the previous username symbols have a long history and have become ingrained in the deviantART community, and we want to assure the community that this change was not one that was made lightly. Many factors were taken into consideration, most notably that removal of the old symbols allows us to implement more technological advancements in the future, including Mentions. Given time, it’s our hope that the new username symbols will become an emblem of deviantART culture.

Happy 13th birthday, and thank you

Wed Aug 7, 2013, 12:06 AM
Today marks deviantART's 13th birthday and a handful of us -- spyed, mccann, chris, and me -- have been on this amazing journey since pretty much day one.  Thirteen years ago, most of us in that handful were just teenagers, unknowingly embarking on a time in our lives that would shape us, inspire us, and be truly thought-provoking in ways we could have never imagined.  Today, I find myself so fortunate to play a role in the ongoing journey that has deviantART at the forefront of solving complex problems that affect the creative community.    

Throughout the years, I've met incredible people at deviantMEETs, town hall meetings, and visits to new countries -- all of which have fostered relationships and changed my life.  I'm extremely grateful to have talked with every deviant who has crossed my path -- even in a note, comment, or journal.  The deviantART community has flourished and prospered in the past 13 years, and we're thankful for that, and for you, every day.   

London Picnic Meet 2012 by Narfmaster   Come to the Louvre - Heidi by spyed Release Party by jorobins

No one loves a birthday celebration more than I do, but before I break out the cake and balloons, I want to sincerely thank everyone who has touched my life over the years and helped cultivate the site I believed in to make it the artistic community I always knew it could be.  Thank you.



Sat Jun 15, 2013, 1:06 AM

a good surgeon by vampireDoLL
Sun Burst Texture by AdamImhotep

084 chocolate Souffle by J-BRM

This was MyWeekThroughArt. How was yours?


Promoted Deviations and Journals

Thu May 23, 2013, 12:27 PM

Table of Contents

What is Promoted?

Promoted deviations and journals are pieces of media we believe you should know about.  They appear and act just like any other deviation or journal in your Message Center, with the exception that they're clearly marked as Promoted.  As with all deviations and journals, they can be commented on, favorited, shared, and more.

Where does Promoted come from?

Promoted messages are selected by and sent from deviantART.  They represent deviations and journals we believe are of significant importance -- so much so that we want them to have a greater reach within the deviantART network.

Who sees Promoted?

A Promoted deviation or journal will only appear in a deviant's Message Center if the content involved will likely be of high relevance to the deviant.

How often will Promoted be seen?

We're only interested in sending Promoted messages we believe are relevant and valuable. As such, we will remain extremely mindful when considering which messages are sent and how often.

Can deviants remove Promoted messages from their Message Centers?

As with all deviations and journals that appear in Message Centers, Promoted messages can be closed by clicking the "X" next to the deviation or journal, or by selecting multiple messages and choosing the "Remove" option.

Can deviants opt out of receiving Promoted?

Premium Members can opt out of receiving Promoted messages by visiting the General section of their Settings and unchecking "Check here to receive Promoted messages." Non-Premium Members cannot opt out.

Can deviants opt out of receiving Hot Topics or Contest Announcements?

While Premium Members have the ability to opt out of receiving Promoted messages, they cannot opt out of Hot Topics or Contest Announcements. This is because deviantART needs to maintain an open channel with deviants for official communications.

I'm falling apart

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 27, 2013, 4:41 AM

This is probably the longest personal journal I've ever written. I certainly don't expect everyone (or anyone) to read it, but I felt like getting it all on "paper" as it seems like the type of "adventure" I'll look back on when I'm old and gray.

Dodgeball in Southern California is kind of a big deal. That same game you played in elementary school with red rubber balls has been updated and modified for adults. The Los Angeles area alone is home to over ten dodgeball leagues, featuring play that ranges from "soft core" (for beginners) to "hard core" (for serious-types).

I've been playing dodgeball for about three years now, but have only just recently started to get really into it -- so much so that last weekend I flew to Chicago to play in the Elite Women's Midwest Dodgeball Tournament. About halfway in to our five hours of dodgeball, I looked down at the pinky finger on my left hand and thought, "That's kind of swollen... and crooked." I, of course, played on. At the end of the day my finger definitely hurt, but I wasn't in a terrible amount of pain. Nevertheless, I made a doctor appointment for the first full day I'd be back in California -- five days later.

I landed in Los Angeles on Wednesday night and after going through my normal travel ritual of unpacking, washing clothes, and showering, I noticed that my left ankle was swollen. I didn't think much of it until a short five minutes later when I looked at it under better light and thought, "Wow, that's really swollen. It's weird that I don't remember tweaking it or knocking it on anything. And that it has no bruising."

Being a frequent flyer, I'm aware of the slim possibility of developing deep vein thrombosis (DVT), a potentially life-threatening disorder in which blood clots form in the deep veins of the body, particularly the legs. Even though my flights were relatively short and I'm in fairly good shape, that didn't stop me from WebMD'ing symptoms and Skyping Toby (Ayame-Kenoshi) with my self-diagnosis.

[4/25/2013 12:48:11 AM] Heidi: Lauren (LaurenKitsune) is offline. Chris (chris) is ignoring me. I feel the need to tell someone that I'm being a hypochondriac, so that just in case I am right... there's evidence.
[4/25/2013 12:48:32 AM] Toby (ayame-kenoshi): That's what I'm here for.
[4/25/2013 12:48:59 AM] Heidi: I'm convinced that I have… and that I'll have a pulmonary embolism and die.

With my ankle continuing to swell, I ended up falling asleep around 4:30 AM. Luckily, I already had a doctor appointment in the morning -- for my swollen, crooked finger.

Upon check-in, the nurse asked what I was being seen for. I said, "I'm falling apart." By 9:30 AM my ankle was the size of a baseball and my knee had expanded like a puffer fish. After examining my ankle and knee, and adding that my calf was also swollen, my doctor said, "Do you know what I'm thinking?"
"You might have a blood clot. I need you to go to the hospital. You don't have to go right now, but you do have to go in the next two hours."
This was my face... :|

She next got into specifics about what I should expect and the tests that would be performed. As she was ushering me out the door, I said, "Oh, wait! My finger. That's why I originally scheduled an appointment."
"You can take x-rays at the hospital."
Oh, good. Two birds with one stone.

Not surprisingly, hospitals treat possible blood clots with a sense of urgency. Being labeled as someone who might have a blood clot is like flying first class -- straight to the front of the line for you! Need a blood test? Yours is marked as 'stat.' Need an ultrasound? They'll send a personal escort who will wait for you while you're still in the lab giving blood.

The first thing I did at the hospital was give blood for a D-dimer test that would check if I had markers for a blood clot. The lab technician said it would take an hour to get the test results back and that they'd call my name when ready. (Hospital workers give you a lot of "sad eyes" and sympathetic glances when blood clots are mentioned. Also likely because my left leg had swollen to be one-third larger than my right leg.)

With an hour to kill, I had the perfect opportunity to get my pinky x-rayed. Even though my pinky issue was minor in comparison to a blood clot, I again got to skip to the front of the line.

With my x-rays done, I was only in the waiting room for a few minutes before a lab technician walked over to me holding a piece of paper. "This isn't great," I thought. "It hasn't even been an hour and I'm being hand-delivered my results." True enough, my blood test was positive.

Well, fuck.

Despite what I'd told Toby the night before, I was honestly never worried about a pulmonary embolism. I was, however, feeling sorry for myself because I'd have to take blood thinners for the next six to nine months -- which meant I couldn't play contact sports. These were the thoughts running through my head as I was undergoing an ultrasound that was trying to locate the blood clot.

After a fifteen minute ultrasound, I received the first good news I'd heard all day -- I didn't have a blood clot! While the blood test was indeed positive, it's just one indicator used to identify the probability of a blood clot. The ultrasound confirmed no signs of deep vein thrombosis, but it did confirm a large cyst in my knee. A cyst that had likely ruptured and/or was impeding the flow of blood in my leg.

Still, good news! I was discharged with instructions to rest, ice, and elevate, and when the swelling subsides we'll closer examine what caused the cyst in the first place. But before I could get too far, as I was walking to my car, I got a phone call from my doctor.  "Heidi, are you still at the hospital?"
"Okay, good! Don't leave. I've examined your x-rays and you fractured your pinky."

Womp, womp.  The end!


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Happy holidays from deviantART!

Mon Dec 24, 2012, 11:12 PM by Heidi:iconheidi:
'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through dA,
Not a troll was stirring, nor Grinch in his sleigh.
Deviations were hung in digital Galleries with care,
In hopes that +Favourites soon would be there.

The n00bs were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of Daily Deviations danced in their heads.

And Fella in his 'kerchief, and spyed with his night-light,
Had just settled down to log-off for the night,
When over in the Forums there arose such a clatter,
Fella sprang back online to see what was the matter.

To the browser window he flew like a flash,
Tore open the tabs and refreshed the cache.
When what to his art-loving eyes should appear,
But an animated sleigh and eight commissioned reindeer,
With a little old driver, so creative and slick,
Fella knew in a moment it must be St. Nick.

More rapid than broadband, his reindeer were famed,
After all his favorite artforms, Santa had them all named.
"Now, Manga! Now, Photos! Now, Literature and Crafts!
On, Digital! On, Typography! On, Animations in Flash!

From the greatest masterpiece to the simplest scrawl
I'll fly 'round the world, inspiring them all!"
Fella heard him exclaim, as he flew off in the night,
"Happy Christmas to all, from your favorite website."

–Creatively crafted by LaurenKitsune

Our sincere thanks ♥

The holiday season is very special to us at deviantART.  We're all part of a diverse community celebrating many different forms of culture and spirituality, and we sincerely thank you for choosing to make deviantART a little slice of your Internet life.  

No matter what you celebrate this holiday season, we extend our warmest wishes to you and yours.  Happy holidays!

–deviantART Staff

Holiday Card Project 2012

Tue Nov 6, 2012, 7:06 PM

It's back!  With the goal of bringing a little cheer to patients in the hospital during the holiday season, the deviantART Holiday Card Project connects deviants from around the world and applies their tremendous artistic abilities in designing and creating uplifting holiday cards.

In past years, the Project has received more than 5,000 cards sent in by more than 1,000 deviants from 50 different countries/political regions. Cards were then divvied up and distributed in-person by deviantART members to local Los Angeles, CA hospitals, with additional cards given to various hospitals in the U.S. and abroad for hospital staff members to hand out to patients.

The idea behind the Holiday Card Project is simple: do something nice for others. However, if you're looking for even more incentive, every deviant who submits a card will be given a free one-month Premium Membership to deviantART.

Please read the following text for more details on the Holiday Card Project.

:holly:  What is the deviantART Holiday Card Project?The purpose of the Holiday Card Project is to have deviants create physical holiday cards for people who are hospitalized during the holiday season — helping to bring a little cheer to those who are undergoing a hospital stay.

:holly:  Who receives the cards?The cards will be distributed to both U.S. and international hospitals. Some cards will be delivered in-person by select deviants in the areas of the respective hospitals, while other cards will be distributed by hospital staff members. The patients who receive the cards age in range from children to seniors, and have illness or injuries that vary from mild to terminal.

:holly:  What should I write in a card?Be as creative as you’d like, but remember, the degree of illness for patients will vary from mild to terminal, so it is important to be cheerful. Some suggested greetings include, “Hope you’re feeling better,” “Thinking of you,” or “Have a nice day.” Try and stay away from “Get well soon” as it might not be appropriate for all patients. Be sure include a message of “Happy holidays” as the cards will be distributed for the holidays.

:holly:  Can I make a card myself?Of course. An 8.5" × 11" (21.59 cm x 27.94 cm) sheet of paper folded 2 ways to a total size of 4.25" × 5" (11.43 cm x 12.7 cm) works nicely. Though, there is no specific “set” size for cards. Use your best judgment. You can personally design and decorate cards by drawing, coloring, or painting. Construction paper, cardboard, markers, crayons, colored pencils, ribbon, etc., are all great to help make your card as special as possible.

:holly:  Can I use holiday cards purchased from a store?Absolutely. Store bought cards are great for the Holiday Card Project, but try and add a little extra flair and pizzazz by drawing on the inside of the card or including a few doodles. Use color to brighten up the presentation; be creative.

:holly:  How much is postage for sending a card?If you live in the U.S. and are sending an averaged sized card, it will probably cost one first-class stamp ($0.45). If you live in a country other than the U.S., the best thing to do is to check with your local postal agency for rates.

:holly:  Can I send more than one card?Please do. You can even put more than one card in the same envelope or package to save on postage. However, remember that quality is better than quantity. Sending one quality card that you put time and effort into is better than sending two cards that were thrown together.

:holly:  Will patients know who made their cards?The only way a patient will know who made a card is if you sign your name, which you are welcome to do. You may also include your e-mail address and/or deviantART URL in hopes of getting a reply; though, that can’t be guaranteed. If you wish to send a card anonymously, you may.

:holly:  Can non-deviants participate in the Project?Definitely. The Holiday Card Project accepts cards from all participants who are willing to contribute to a good cause. The Project is a great way for schools, clubs, church groups, or family and friends to get together and work on a fun activity. No deviantART affiliation is necessary.

:holly:  What do I get out of this?The idea behind the Holiday Card Project is to try and bring a little cheer to those undergoing a hospital stay. The patients and their families are deeply touched by the kindness and caring from those who take time to create and send cards.

Additionally, once the Holiday Card Project has been completed, all registered deviantART members will be given a free one-month Premium Membership just for sending in a card. In order to be awarded a Premium Membership, please include your username on a piece of paper separate from the holiday card. Premium Memberships will be distributed no later than January 31, 2013.

:holly:  When is the deadline for the Holiday Card Project?All cards should be received by December 15, 2012.

:rudolph:  Where do I send a card?Please use the following address:

deviantART, Inc.
Holiday Card Project
7095 Hollywood Blvd., #788
Hollywood, CA 90028

Please remember to include your deviantART username on a separate piece of paper when mailing in a holiday card. To ensure that you successfully receive your free Premium Membership, it is vitally important that your username be written in such a manner that it easy to read!

:stare:  Rules and TermsLimit one one-month Premium Membership per participant. DeviantART reserves the right to deem any card contributed to the Project as unacceptable and therefore ineligible for a Premium Membership.

:megaphone:  Spread the WordIf you’d like to help promote the Holiday Card Project, please use the image below and link back to this journal.

:note:  Past Projects

:holly:  Where do I direct questions and concerns?Please note that many common concerns have already been addressed in the above questions and answers. Take care when reading the Project's description because there's a good chance it already contains an answer to your question. For any remaining issues, please leave a comment in this journal.

My sincere thanks

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 5, 2012, 3:42 AM
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:star:  Happy 12th birthday, deviantART!

In two days, on August 7th, deviantART will celebrate our 12th year on the Web.  As deviantART's third employee (behind spyed and chris), I've spent over 40% of my life working for the site.  

The last 12 years have oftentimes been a roller-coaster ride of the highest highs and the lowest lows, but having the opportunity to help build a site like deviantART -- that truly impacts the lives of millions of people -- while getting to work with good friends and talented peers, has been well worth any hardships.  It's been the best experience of my life.  

My time at deviantART has been an incredible ride and I've learned more than I thought was possible.  From gifted co-workers to sage advisors and mentors, I'm forever grateful for every relationship and interaction, and I'd like to thank everyone who has made it possible for deviantART to get where it is today.  Most importantly, I'd like to thank the deviantART community.  Few sites can claim they've been around for 12 years and none of deviantART's successes and accomplishments would have been made possible without the deviants who continue to call deviantART home.

Today, deviantART has amassed over 23 million members and receives 56 million unique visitors per month.  Even so, we're just at the cusp of what's to come.  Enormous opportunities are ahead -- ones that will allow us to connect people and the arts in entirely new ways -- and I'm excited for the world to see all the amazing things we'll develop through community and technology.