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Who wins the award for best quote of the day? 

946 deviants said "Can you open this soda for me? It fell on the ground and you don't look like you're wearing your nice clothes today." -robinlstrauss
598 deviants said "I talked to this guy for 30 minutes. He was a total wack job. We're friends now." -crgriffith
536 deviants said "When I was 14, I used to think I was always being video taped. So I would say sassy catch phrases before I left the room." -LaurenKitsune
438 deviants said "Facebook isn't exclusive enough. Everyone has a face. We need to start ToothClub. Not everyone has teeth." -Puglife29
306 deviants said "Heidi, I broke the thing that was keeping me handsome." -Pachunka
190 deviants said "You like happy music, but you have chronic bitch face. No offense." -LaurenKitsune
183 deviants said "I think a seedless watermelon has no integrity whatsoever." -makepictures
121 deviants said "Let's go! I'm looking at myself in the reflection of this window and I look too good to be cooped up in the office." -LaurenKitsune
117 deviants said "She was throwing herself a pity party. I was invited, but I didn't RSVP." -codenamepanther
77 deviants said "Four score and seven years ago… that's what you say before you knight someone." -mattdanna


May 28, 2016
3:48 am
May 28, 2016
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May 28, 2016
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May 28, 2016
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This is me

Valentine's Day Art Exchange 2016!

Mon Feb 1, 2016, 11:44 AM
Og-preview by seoul-child

Love is in the air! Now’s the time for you to celebrate Valentine’s Day by sending valentine-deviations to your special someones!

Take part and spread the love!

From now until February 16th, deviations in the Valentine Exchange category can be sent as valentines to your friends and loved ones. If you’d still like to create and submit a new valentine to be sent, make sure to submit it to the Valentines category before February 16th so your fellow deviants can share it!

How it works


Create Valentine-themed deviations and submit them to the Valentine Exchange category.


From now until February 16th, a special “Send a Valentine” button will appear on deviation pages for deviations submitted to the Valentine Exchange category.

Share the love

Your friends will receive the deviation you send, along with your Valentine message, in their Notes.

Heart-filled hints

  • Deviations submitted to the Valentine’s Exchange category will be available for everyone to send. Avoid including specifics on your deviations - such as a deviant’s username, real name, etc.
  • Fallen in love with one of your previous designs? It’s okay! If you’ve included text suggesting it’s for a lover, you can change the design to look as though it were to a friend or from a secret admirer, and then resubmit it.
  • You can submit as many deviations to the category as you want.
  • DeviantArt will strictly enforce our Etiquette Policy to prevent abusive, harassing, hateful and unwelcomed messages -- including when sending anonymously.

Latest Valentines sent

February 12

Send your Valentine

DeviantArt’s World Map has been updated to include valentine deviations! Watch valentines as they fly across the world to meet their loved recipient.


Quote of the Day: "I want to get a Chia Pet.  But not a tacky one.  A nice one." danlev

Seems legit.
Me:  "Your gum smells really strong."
LaurenKitsune:  "Thank you."
Me:  "No, I don't like it."

BOGO for HOHO.  It's coming.  :+fav:
Thought of the day: I've learned a lot this year.
Thought of the day:

But what is the angle?
BUT what is the angle?
But WHAT is the angle?
But what IS the angle?
But what is THE angle?
But what is the ANGLE?


is a master of sarcasm
United States
Heidi. Female. American. Tall. Sarcastic. Athletic. Bossy. Financial enthusiast. Olympics lover. TV/fandom fanatic.

I've been fortunate to be involved with deviantART from day one and have held a variety of positions over the past thirteen years. Today, I'm deviantART's Vice President of Marketing.

I graduated college with a Journalism major and Political Science minor, and enjoy all aspects of news and politics. I can often be found watching Fox News, CNN, or CNBC during the wee hours of the morning.

When I'm not working, my hobbies include playing and watching almost all sports (basketball, softball/baseball, volleyball, football, tennis, etc.), traveling, geocaching, investing, and trying to be as funny as humanly possible. When it's time to relax, I'll turn on the television or read a book.

I also used to run, which was pretty epic during its heyday.

Current Residence: Earth
Favourite genre of music: Christmas songs, jams from the 80s
Favourite style of art: Pixel art, photography, fan art
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: iTunes
Shell of choice: Lobster, shrimp, clams
Favourite cartoon character: Bobby's World, DuckTales, Bionic Six
Personal Quote: I'm not stubborn, I just refuse to settle.

Bolt Award

For her outstanding work with deviantART, Heidi is presented with the illustrious Bolt Award for 2008. Heidi is the embodiment of community spirit, dedication, and drive that makes deviantART what it is today. Her positive attitude and inspiring personality has been an influence on the formation of the site since the very beginning, and without her, deviantART would be a much duller and less magical place.
-awarded July 2008

Deviousness Award

Deviousness Award


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RampageMeerkat566 Featured By Owner May 19, 2016
Ssj5pikachu Featured By Owner May 13, 2016
hi, can I ask you a question?
MidnightCrystalUmi Featured By Owner May 12, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Why was DA not working?

it would be useful for the staff to at least say something because i was beyond peeved.
DA is the only site i have know to have the most problems. 
I can't even delete things and i have to re load a page just to get where i want to go .
this is not even funny any more staff. 
skytire Featured By Owner May 12, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
MidnightCrystalUmi Featured By Owner May 12, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
they could you know change to a better one?

And the comments are closed /: DA has been having problems as of late and it takes them this long to say something.
I'm not giving any support to them at this point. 
MidnightCrystalUmi Featured By Owner Edited May 11, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I wanted to ask why nothing has been done about this user?
i know that i am unable to report due to things like this comment…

Not being directed at me but the user has admitted to making comments like that and has been causing problems as of late.
Something does need to be done about this even if i nor any one else who has not been attacked with not being able reporting. 
I did hear a rumor that DA no longer does IP bans but sure enough the staff can still ban the user or at least give them a warning if not a suspension. 
there is a journal that has more on them
So I have to make a journal on him again.History repeats itself like a guy who doesn't get the memo that you don't make Eggs with eggnog Silvina.
Silvina: IT TASTES GOOD!!!
yeah well character interactions aside lets get some things straight.
I cannot believe people are actually BUYING into scott being a good guy.
Well let me tell you all a good old story then.
A long long time ago, when even my friends were going to leave Cam alone he did much the same thing, oh don't know who Cam is, let me tell you a story, and no I'm not going to go with the Star Wars beginning.
So there was this guy named Cam, who thought he was always right, no matter how disgustingly bad he was, he thought even pedophilia was okay, he thought, meh, we were always in the wrong, yeah I'm sorry NOT! He had this way with new people who didn't know him, a charm about him despite his constant roleplaying fetish, here is the thing though, people who knew better tried to steer them away from him, before they could get hurt from his manipulative ways.
Then one

Something does need to be done about the user, we have tried to ignore them and even block but they keep coming back and either watching me straight away to then blocking for being called out.  while the staff say they care and i know the help desk can be flooded i feel like nothing gets done any more.
DA was meant for art and to share to the community but now i feel it's become a site that parents let their child rampage like that on the net. 
Why is behavior like that being allowed? we tried to ignore them but they are now going around giving out death threats in either normal format or rp format.

I thank you as well for helping me in the past with problems but someone told me that they have tried to report that user and nothing has happened either due to their ''IP''.
I can't force people to do things but that user is doing nothing more than harassment and so on. Sometimes blocking and ignore does not always fix or solve problems like that and it's not fair for users to be attacked then to report and then for nothing to be done about it. 
damphyr Featured By Owner May 11, 2016
Hi there, MidnightCrystalUmi!

Looks like a lot of people are upset, please encourage those deviants who are being bothered by this deviant to block this individual, and to contact the helpdesk themselves if he continues this behavior after being blocked.

Please also be aware, and help spread the word, that posting journals such as the one you have linked, actually encourages people to continue in this kind of behavior. It's best if those bothered by a deviant block them and contact staff without posting journals, status or comments about them, as this is what is commonly known as 'feeding the troll.'

Sorry to hear so many deviants are upset, thank you for being so concerned about the situation. The Help Desk staff will keep an eye out for tickets about this individual!
PaintSpIash Featured By Owner Edited May 14, 2016  Student Digital Artist
I'm not trying to be rude, but the staff needs to ban users like Scott. If you want your site to die, then go ahead and not do anything about, just like you do with everyone else causing problems. Just because your site is growing, doesn't mean it can't die. Do something about it, or watch dA fall.

Btw, blocking does just as much as the staff does. Nothing.

We need to post journals like these to warn everyone. Because we care about the safety of our fellow deviants, do you?
MidnightCrystalUmi Featured By Owner May 14, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
it seems scott is gone now but i could of sworn that the staff do not work on weekends. 
(1 Reply)
MidnightCrystalUmi Featured By Owner May 14, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
He's at the point of even stalking this profile .

DA used to care , they used to ban users like him to keep this site from being acid .
but hey must be okay to let brick heads like him on here.
Blocking has done nothing , becasue he gone around trying to drag me and someone i know into his crap.

If YouTube can ban/get rid of problems then why can't this site?
People have reported him and blocked him but you and others choose not do anything becasue of one tiny thing such as the 'IP' .
I met a user years back who came back 60 times or so but was banned even when they changed their IP so much.
So why the halt now? people want him off here becasue he has done nothing more than harassed /sent death threats and assumed it's okay to do things like that.
>     FAQ #3: Are there restrictions to comments?
he has even threatened to hack and has admitted to throw death threats at users who do not agree with him.
I have never met someone so bigoted before .
Yet the staff choose to nothing , i get it you all have life's but this is becoming a joke.
> people have reported and blocked
Stop telling us something we have already done and look into the reports properly. 
becasue i feel like there is a quick glance and then nothing after that.
I barely have any faith in the staff any more becasue users like that are being allowed to attack others for no reasons .
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